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Fisher-to-fisher to all


Program of events for fishers at 2WSFC


Purpose and impact

The 2nd World Small-Scale Fisheries Congress (2WSFC) will be held in Merida, Mexico, 21-25 September 2014 with the theme Options and Opportunities for Small-Scale Fisheries. A Fisher-to-fisher to all program is an important part of the congress in keeping with the theme. Its purpose is to improve information exchange among fishers, and between fishers and all others (e.g. scientists, managers, students) to widen the range of small-scale fisheries options and put the opportunities within reach. If we achieve this collaboration at the congress, then the impact that TBTI can have on small-scale fisheries is much greater and more meaningful to fishers and all others.


Fisher participants

With this purpose and impact in mind, fisher leaders from around the world, both men and women, are invited to 2WSFC to participate in the special programme of activities briefly outlined below. We use “fisher” broadly to mean any person with a livelihood in small-scale fisheries, whether harvest or postharvest. By “leader” we mean people who lead fisher folk organisations, are outstanding role models for other fishers, can really speak from knowledge and experience about the fisheries in their area, and are willing and able to share what they gained from 2WSFC with other fishers on returning home.


Sunday simple social networking

This is an informal gathering of fishers from around the world, along with hosts from Mexico and TBTI organisers. Relax and get to know each other over refreshments before the main conference starts. No preparation is needed to meet new colleagues and share interests. The time in the evening, and the venue, will be announced later.


Monday painting the big picture

There will be lots of talks on different topics to listen to, as well as the opportunity to question speakers on their topics. Fishers will join all other participants in listening, learning and trying to paint a big picture of small-scale fisheries from a global to local level. Use the day to find out more about what interests you from people who have come to share their experiences. English is an official language of the congress, but fishers who speak other languages will have ‘whisperers’ (e.g. multi-lingual students) to assist each day with language translation every day. Fishers are important participants.


Tuesday plenary panel fisher perspectives

On Tuesday afternoon a panel of fisher leaders from TBTI regions around the world will present their views and experiences related to small-scale fisheries options and opportunities, and the seven conference sub-themes, in their parts of the world. The whole congress will listen. Then participants will engage the panel and each other in discussing the points raised so as to form an agenda for further consideration.


Wednesday field trip fisher-to-fisher talk circles

Building upon the panel discussion in plenary, when the congress field trip visits the Dzilam fishing communities the fishers at the congress will have the opportunity to talk with each other and the local fishers about the points previously raised as well as local matters. These “talking circles” will come after an interactive photo show of fisheries in each TBTI region where we talk about the similarities and differences among small-scale fisheries that produce various options and opportunities. Translators and note-takers will help with discussion among fishers and keep the conversations flowing.


Thursday plenary sharing session

Using information from the talking circles and other discussions, a few fisher leaders will share with the entire congress the key points considered and lessons learned by the fishers on options and opportunities. This can form an action agenda for themselves and TBTI. Sharing encourages participants to take action to achieve positive impacts.


Download  for following documents for detailed information about the “Fisher-to-fisher to all” program:

2WSFC ftfta (English)

2WSFC ftfta (French)

2WSFC ftfta (Spanish)


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