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Transdisciplinary workshop

The 2WSFC congress is closely linked to the Too Big To Ignore (TBTI) project, a global research network aimed to elevate the profile of small-scale fisheries. This workshop is organized by the TBTI’s Working Group 7 (WG7) whose main goals are: 1) to build capacity in transdisciplinary research, and 2) to support and help strengthen existing community-based capacity development initiatives for small-scale fisheries around the world. To enhance capacity in research, TBTI intends to develop a “transdisciplinary fisheries course” suitable for a range of delivery methods, e.g. distance education, a standard classroom, or as part of a training program.

For more information about the workshop download Transdisciplinary workshop announcement. To register for the workshop please fill out the Registration form (transdisciplinary workshop).



Jessica and Dave

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SEPTEMBER 1, 2014: deadline for extended abstracts

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