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Theme 1: Economic Viability

  • the unique nature and characteristics associated with small-scale fisheries call for different thinking about how the sector should be economically developed;

Theme 2: Livelihoods and wellbeing

  • the connectivity of small-scale fishing people to community wellbeing implies that livelihood options need to be broadened and explored, beyond fisheries into other sectors;

Theme 3: Ecosystem stewardship

  • while ecological impacts from fishing may not be avoidable, they can be reduced through sustainable fishing and stewardship. The role of small-scale fishing sector in promoting these practices needs to be understood;

Theme 4: Rights and access

  • other development in coasts and oceans adds pressure on resources that small-scale fishing people rely on, and in some cases, displace them altogether. Securing access and rights of small-scale fisheries to their fishing places and fishing livelihoods is an important condition for their sustainability;

Theme 5: Food security and food sovereignty

  • the ‘human’ rights-based approach to small-scale fisheries governance underlies the majority of passages in the FAO guidelines, which also call to our attention different consideration about institutional arrangements and principles suitable for small-scale fisheries. This theme brings forward discussion about food security and food sovereignty;

Theme 6: Governance and governability

  • all of the above links back to issues of governance. Deliberation about what governing system(s) for small-scale fisheries should look like and how to make it happen is therefore a key element in the discussion about this sector;

Theme 7: Assessment and monitoring

  • achieving sustainable future for small-scale fisheries depends, to a large extent, on our ability to assess and evaluate the state of fisheries. Thus, we are inviting presentations and discussion about assessment methods, monitoring and modeling systems that are most suitable for small-scale fisheries.

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